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Kali is Your Code Name

In this fast-paced drama, set in the classic styling of 1940s-era film noir, on-the-run Hollywood PI, John L. Peterman, Esq., and Beverly Hills socialite Abigail Wilson outwit both LA’s finest and the mob. 

They crisscross the Southland in the fall of 1948 on a nail-biting adventure.

Gunshots, splintered hotel doors and a high-speed auto chase soon become the norm for the two as their heart-throbbing journey takes them from the streets of Hollywood to Venice, Anaheim, Colton, Cucamonga, Azusa and Pasadena—even the tunnels beneath Chinatown—as they out-maneuver their hostile prey with a deft combination of agility and dumb luck. 

Ladies’-man extraordinaire Peterman juggles an ex-wife and his new fiancée, not to mention several female clients and the alluring Abigail Wilson, in this romantic and mysterious jaunt spanning from the big city to the Pacific Islands. 

When it comes to chasing cheating husbands, Peterman’s fast on the draw with flash camera in hand, solving Abigail’s case in short order. But when he finds himself in over his head, will he stay at the top of his game as detective, or become Hollywood’s biggest patsy?

Will an accurate shot from his .45 be enough to save him and Abigail? Conspiracy and embezzlement embroil them in their pursuit of justice, leaving a trail of sex, murder, and mayhem in its wake.

Mysteries, romance, futuristic tales, comedy, teen angst and part memoir where the names have been changed to protect the …well, you be the judge.

Reminisce the wild teens and travel back in time to the era of black-and-white Saturday cinema, and tales of the awkwardness of growing up. Filled with sweet reminiscences and the funny awkward moments between friends, Tales Told brings you back to when relationships were simpler, and the hilarity of innocence was everywhere.

James Francis Gray, author of Kali Is Your Code Name and Gumshoe, is back with his witty humor and wry observation. Filled with the hijinx of adolescence, the awkwardness of first loves, and the sweetness of fond childhood memories. Come back to 1950s Massachusetts.

You’ve already come to know the romp of Kali, and the sleuthing John Peterman, Esquire, of Gumshoe. Here, in his first anthology, we see a bit more of the personal side of James Francis Gray in stories that are sure to bring back fond memories of the local neighborhood. Enjoy reliving classic movies, the warmth of family and friendship, and trying to get to know the girl next door, as James shares a bit more of his personal side.

Hard luck coffee shop waitress, Gloria Sanchez, the mother of two boys, ages two and four, stuggles to make ends meet. One afternoon, at Izzy's Coffee Shop in Hollywood, California, she is approached by Madame Beverly Wiggins with the suggestion that Gloria, "Drop this dead-end job and hook up with me." After consideration and an envelope containing five one-hundred dollar bills, Gloria decides to join Madame Wiggins. Beverly changes Gloria's name to Kali. "Kali is Your Code Name" follows Kali on her sorted adventures, which send her to the top of her new profession, a high priced call-girl.

James Gray's newest book....


James F. Gray

Dedicated Office Clerk Audrey Stiener stays on top of it all .... 

Client appointments, High profile meetings, assignments, and more, precisely tracking it all in her Working Journal.

More recently, though, new entries have made their way into Audrey's journal pages. . . office secrets, secrets that, if they were to be exposed, could result in great bodily harm.

Fortunately these secrets have been up until now kept safe in her locked desk drawer. That is, until an unauthorized set of eyes breaks into the drawer, and sees pages missing from the journal.

Who may risk great bodily harm as a result of letting loose the secrets found in the pages of Audrey's Journal?

Tales Told



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